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Just remembered the other day what it’s like to push myself with climbing. Gotta straighten out my priorities cause I wanna get back to that place.



Hank bought a bus.

Always a reblog!!

This looks so great.

We tried to go bouldering at Seedhouse. The lone boulder was covered in ice and snow, so we had ourselves a nice hike instead and the dogs went apeshit in the snow.


A-frame cabin built in 1968 in the woods of Dorrington, California.

Contributed by David Nichols.

(via traveliers)

John watching Paloma being chased by a pack of wild dogs; the view; panorama; cute.

Split Rock, WY

Mousie laying in the snow; Paloma climbin some stuff; the view.

Clear creek canyon, wall of justice. I was superman, he was batman. I think?